High-Power Modules Receive CEC Listing, Best in Class PTC Ratings

Two high-power modules from Mission Solar Energy have been listed on the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) listing of modules eligible for incentive rebates. As a result, the MSE PERC 72 and the MSE PERC 60 modules are more likely to be eligible for solar rebate programs across the United States.

Third-party testing for the listing was conducted by Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a leading module testing facility. Testing indicates that Mission Solar Energy modules feature a PTC rating that exceeds other American solar panel manufacturers. The higher a PTC rating, the more energy a module is proven to produce in real world conditions.

Mission Solar Energy PTC Rating Results:

Product Model # STC*/Name Plate PTC** PTC/STC (%)
MSE PERC 60 MSE295SQ5T 295 272.2 92.3%
MSE PERC 72 MSE360SQ4S 360 332.2 92.3%

“Mission Solar Energy modules provide high power output and outstanding reliability. The CEC listing and high PTC rating is validation of that,” says Alex Kim, President and CEO of Mission Solar Energy. “This listing paves the way for our continued expansion into the rooftop market.”

In addition to being listed by the CEC, the MSE PERC 60 and MSE PERC 72 have been certified to outperform industry standards by 3 times. All Mission Solar Energy high-power modules are required to pass a battery of third party testing prior to being available for distribution.

Both PERC modules are available for order from our factory in San Antonio, TX. Contact our sales team to learn more.

*Standard test conditions measured under lab conditions
**PVUSA test conditions developed to measure performance under “real world” conditions.