Mission Solar Energy, manufacturer of American made solar panels, is proud to announce that their MSE PERC 60 and MSE PERC 72 modules have been certified to perform three times the industry standard in third-party testing measuring product performance. The certifications provided by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are widely known throughout the solar PV industry as the gold-standard for product testing. Our entire product line has achieved or exceeded the minimum standards for IEC’s 61215, 61730 and 61701 certifications.

“We are really excited to receive these results which validate the performance of our panels over the long-term,” says Trevor Udwin, Product Manager at Mission Solar Energy. “Not only are we producing very high power modules, we are producing modules that stand the test of time in some of the most extreme conditions.”

All Mission Solar Modules are subject to a battery of third-party testing to ensure that modules perform within, if not better than, industry standards.

“Simply stated, all of our modules are put through IEC’s rigorous testing before we release them to the public,” says Udwin. “We leave them in the chamber for cycle testing long after they have received certification, up to three times the stringent testing that is standard in the industry. The PERC 60 and PERC 72 have produced excellent performance results and we will be able to share similar results for other products very soon.”

Testing includes:

  • Thermal cycling plus humidity freeze testing which measures product performance in fluctuating and extreme temperature conditions
  • Damp heat testing which measures performance in humid conditions
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) which measures power output over time
  • Hail
  • Dynamic mechanical load testing which measures how well modules perform after being subject to heavy loads such as snow or wind
  • Wet current leakage testing which measures how well modules perform after being submerged in water

Third party testing was conducted by the Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) in Fremont, California.

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