Big Power For Tiny Homes: A Look Into The Tiny House Solar Market

This week, we interviewed Matt Dalley, President at CNBOU America, a Utah-based solar installer that serves the growing tiny house solar market. Dalley and his team have created a solar package specifically designed for tiny homes that utilizes Mission Solar Energy modules.

In today’s hectic world, low-cost, low-maintenance tiny homes are an increasingly popular option for homeowners seeking simplicity. Tiny homes typically range from 100-400 square feet and can sometimes be transported from location to location. In addition to allowing for a simplistic, clutter-free life, part of the appeal to “going tiny” is the ability to live off the grid. The cozy size of these homes results in lower-than-average energy demand. With a few solar panels, a battery and an inverter, a tiny home can operate entirely off the grid.

High Power Modules are Key

While the diminutive nature of these homes is helpful in achieving an off-grid lifestyle, there is one drawback. Tiny homes have tiny roofs. This limits the number of panels that can be installed on a rooftop. There are two options that allow homeowners to get around this constraint. First, residents can opt for a ground-mounted system that utilizes the property surrounding the tiny home for the solar system. A significant drawback of this option is that it requires the house to be stationary, a problem when mobility is part of a tiny home’s appeal. Another option is to use solar panels that produce the highest possible amount of power per panel.

“The ultimate solution for tiny house solar, is to use modules that are high power,” said Dalley “This way, with the help of a battery system, homeowners can power their entire house with only a few solar panels.”

CBNOU has found that Mission Solar Energy’s MSE PERC 60 is ideal for tiny homes. In fact, the MSE PERC 60 is the solar panel that CNBOU is offering their customers in their tiny house solar package. This module is capable of producing up to 300 watts of power and features a sleek black-on-black design that many homeowners prefer.

Taking Solar to the Tiny Home Masses

Last August, Dalley exhibited his tiny home solar package at the annual Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs. With more than 40,000 tiny house builders, buyers and attendees, the Tiny House Jamboree is one of the largest tiny home events in the United States. CNBOU’s system made a big splash at the event.

“Our visitors loved the Mission Solar panels, and we’re excited to offer those interested in tiny house solar such sleek and high-power solar modules at a good price,” said Dalley.

Dalley and his team look forward to the next Tiny House Jamboree, which has been postponed due to an overwhelming response in attendance. The event, which is now too big for the venue in Colorado Springs, will have to be moved to another location.

To learn more about the MSE PERC 60 and our other high-power, American-quality modules, click here.