Mission Solar Energy Names New President

Mission Solar Energy Names New President

On June 12th, Jae Yang was appointed President of Mission Solar Energy. This new endeavor has become a source of passion and excitement for him. We sat down with Jae and chatted about the job, his expectations and his plans to take the Mission Solar Energy into the future.


Having worked for OCI Company, Mission Solar Energy’s parent company, for over 11 years and sitting on the OCI Energy board of directors, the North American subsidiary of OCI Company, Ltd , since Mission Solar was established, Jae is no stranger to the Mission Solar Energy brand.

Before coming to Mission Solar, Jae was the VP of Strategic Planning for OCI Company. He was responsible for establishing OCI Company’s corporate strategies and visions as well as managing, structuring and executing business plans of domestic and overseas affiliates.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work in various functions within corporate organizations.

“Experience is everything,” Yang said. Jae shared memories of previous experiences that he believes have equipped him to lead Mission Solar Energy into untapped greatness. From running a Sapphire Substrate factory to managing a sales team for a carbon black company, Jae’s diverse and balanced background has given him the knowledge and understanding of how a successful organization should function.


Upon his arrival, he was sure about one thing, driving Mission Solar to financial profit would be his main agenda and short term goal. “This task will not be an easy one, but it’s vital to the growth and future of our company”, Yang said.

He has strategically laid out plans with his team to reduce overhead costs, increase efficiencies, and invest in the core of the business.

“Hope and future is all I see when I look at Mission Solar Energy. This month alone we will hire six new employees and have plans to hire 12 to 18 more employees in the coming months. My goal is to have a night shift running by December. Slowly and steadily, we will build our operation” Yang said.

Jae also gave some insight on new technologies that his development team has in the pipeline.

“Staying competitive within the industry as expectations for fire ratings, rapid shutdown and overall increasing efficiencies are in demand is imperative. We will showcase several concept modules at Solar Power International this year that I believe our customers will gravitate towards. AC and Heterojunction technologies are the ones I expect to gain the most attention”, Yang said.


“I am committed to Mission Solar”, Yang said, as he spoke about the life he left behind in Seoul, Korea to start a new venture here in San Antonio.

Relocating his family and embracing the Texas culture have proven to be an exciting experience for him and his family. Unsure of what this transition would look like, Jae was overwhelmed by the support of his new team.

“I am humbled by the kindness and warm welcome the community and my employees have shown me. The more time I spend working alongside my team, the more motivated I feel to grow and improve the company”, Yang said.

Beyond receiving a reliable and quality product, Jae expressed the importance of customers receiving friendly and unmatched service.

“I’m proud to lead a company that is made up of most genuine people Texas has to offer. It’s important to me that our customers feel what I’ve felt when they have encounters with our staff and even our product”, Yang said.