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Third-party testing has shown that Mission Solar Energy modules have the highest PTC ratings of any American-manufactured module. This means that our modules maintain a high power output in “real world” conditions when compared to other American module manufacturers.


Mission Solar Energy modules are listed on California Energy Commission’s listing of modules. As a result, our modules are more likely to be eligible for solar rebate programs across the United States.

Product STC*/Name Plate PTC** PTC/STC(%)
MSE Perc 60 295 272.2 92.3%
U.S. Competitor 1 295 268.4 91.00%
U.S. Competitor 2 295 264.8 89.80%
Product STC*/Name Plate PTC** PTC/STC(%)
MSE Perc 7 360 332.3 92.3%
350 318.8 91.10%
340 306 90.00%

*Standard test conditions measured under lab conditions
**PVUSA test conditions developed to measure performance under “real world” conditions

Beautiful Design

Mission Solar Energy modules are powerful, but they are also attractive. We provide several size and color options to cater to homeowners’ preference. The MSE PERC 60 module is a customer favorite that features a sleek all-black design and compact size.


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The PERC 60 is a 60 cell solar panel featuring a sleek, all-black design coupled with outstanding power output makes it ideal for DG installations including commercial and residential rooftop systems.



Our high-power modules are well suited for residential, utility and commercial applications. Through state-of-the-art engineering and outstanding quality, our modules offer world-class performance and guaranteed long-term reliability.