New Braunfels, Texas – 33.9kW

About this Project: This is one of the largest residential projects of the year for GVEC. It features 113 of our MSE PERC 60 all-black 300watt panels. This installation was our April 2018 Photovoltaic Contest winner.

“Thank you Mission Solar Energy! We’re so glad you like our photo. This has been our largest residential installation of the year so far. The all-black, sleek solar panels look great on this home!” – GVEC

About GVEC: GVEC is a cooperative: at heart, a group of people coming together for a common purpose. This means our primary interest is in reliably and affordably meeting the needs of our consumers, not lining the pockets of financial investors. We wholeheartedly believe in empowering the people and communities we serve with unbiased information, responsive services, and tangible resources. Our scope of work is based on the overall value we can contribute to your home, life, and community combined.

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