High-Power, High-Quality Solar Panels

We engineer our modules right at our 200MW factory in San Antonio, Texas. Our workers adhere to a strict production process for which we integrate rigorous quality standards.

1. Raw material inspection
  • To ensure there are no defects in the raw materials such as cells, etc.
2. Tabbing & String
  • Cell interconnection with soldering process
  • Tabbing ribbon
3. Glass Loading
  • Glass loading after cleaning process
  • AR coating glass
4. 1st EVA Loading
  • 1st EVA loading on glass
  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate film
5. Strings Interconnection
  • String interconnection with soldering process
  • Bushing ribbon
6. Strings Loading
  • Strings loading on EVA & glass
7. Tapping & Insulation Patch Insertion
  • To prevent short circuit and hold strings
8. 2nd EVA Loading
  • To be stable at elevated temperatures & high UV exposure
9. Back Sheet Loading
  • To have low thermal resistance and prevent water vapor
10. Lamination
  • To form and press with heat into a thin layer
11. Framing
  • Composed of two long frames and two short frames with corner keys
12. Junction Box & Barcode Attachment
  • To convert the current carrying ribbon from the PV panel and a unique serial number attached frame
13. Product Label Attachment
  • Module information label attached to the back of the module
14. IV Measurement & Product Label Attachment
  • Measure PV module performance
  • CTM loss, lsc, Voc, FF, Power