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San Antonio, TX – November 27, 2019 – America’s Photovoltaic (PV) solar module company Mission Solar Energy is proud to be recognized in the 2019 Edition PV Module Index, as a high achievement manufacturer and ranking top 10 of all modules tested for LID.

The RETC index is a yearly compilation of reliability, performance, and quality indices generated in collaboration with leading PV module manufactures.

Mission Solar Energy was recognized in the report as one of the high achievement manufacture achieving lower than 1% of degradation in the dynamic mechanical load test.  Following that achievement, they were also ranked Top 10 of all modules tested for LID.

“RETC is a third-party testing lab and customers go to them to see who the most trusted PV module manufactures are.  To be part of this list give us credibility and that’s important for us moving forward,” said Jae Yang, CEO of Mission Solar Energy.

“Our ‘mission’ is to continue developing high-efficiency solar technology and supporting production improvements, output and yield,” said Yang.  “Not only has Mission been recognized by RETC but we have maximized production capacity for the rest of 2019.”